Welcome teachers, administrators, and everyone invested in the future of public education.

This blog is about learning: student learning, teacher learning, and my own learning as a language and literacy consultant leading change in K-8 schools.

I write to ignite collaboration among educators who share my vision of every kindergartener, regardless of home language or family income, graduating from high school prepared to excel in a changing world. I write because I believe in the power of collaboration to advance public education.

Effective Teaching

Some posts will emphasize specific strategies for helping diverse students excel in language and literacy. Look for upcoming posts on effective pedagogy for engaging diverse learners in collaborative conversations, inferential reading, English language development, and writing.

Professional Learning

In other posts I’ll share tips, insights and activities for leading professional learning in schools.  These posts in particular will interest coaches and administrators in charge of professional learning, and will also speak to classroom teachers as I believe in the capacity of teachers and the power of building teacher capacity to lead continuous learning.

Courageous Educators

It is powerful to learn from the successes of teachers, administrators and organizations that are helping diverse learners excel in public schools. In future posts I look forward to highlighting stories of educators and leaders who have made a courageous shift in their approach that enhanced student learning.  If you have a success story to share and/or colleague to nominate, please send me a message via my contact page.

Quotes and Questions

I also write this blog to share thought-provoking quotes, and to ask questions to which I don’t have the answers. Learning and leading learning is dynamic and complex. I write to explore the rich space of unknowns and possibility with others who, like me, believe that if we are to realize the capacity of every student in the 21st century, we have work to do.


Let’s roll up our sleeves, find, and share solutions to the challenges that matter most to our students and world. Let’s collaborate by asking questions that drive us to learn and courageously transform education.

Thank you for joining the conversation!

Image credit: Whitehouse, P. (2011). Sulphur Banks Path. Downloaded 11/1/13 from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sulphur_Banks_path.jpg. CC-BY-2.0

I am a keynote speaker, author and educational leader helping educators teach and lead for equitable schools. My books include EL Excellence Every Day, Breaking Down the Wall & Opening Doors to Equity. I'm a descendant of colonizers and enslavers deeply committed to transforming my family legacy for healing.

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