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I really enjoyed the intentional and thoughtful planning behind every teacher move presented by Tonya Ward Singer. She truly speaks to the value of honoring personal experiences, and how to understand our students, as we expect excellence for all students through the lens of equity and access in teaching and learning.

Sandra Santos-Alvarez

Instructional Coach


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Multilingual Learner Excellence I – Essentials for Equitable Engagement

This popular workshop empowers K-12 educators with essential mindsets and actions to ensure Multilingual learners (MLs) thrive in everyday teaching. Join us to:

  • Learn six essential mindsets and actions to ensure MLs—and all students—thrive with your lessons.
  • Strengthen ML engagement in academic conversations in your core lessons.
  • Use the Four-Step Routine to deepen close reading and writing with evidence.
  • Find resources in EL Excellence Every that you can use right away!
Available as a full-day onsite workshop or three-part virtual series (3 x 90 minutes).

Multilingual Learner Excellence II – Scaffolding to Accelerate Language and Literacy

This interactive workshop empowers core K-12 educators with effective scaffolding practices to accelerate Multilingual learner (ML) achievement. Join us to learn to:

  • Apply the six essential to effectively scaffold academic content, language and literacy.
  • Choose, lose, and adapt scaffolds strategically to ML’s assets to accelerate learning.
  • Identify the linguistic demands of your lessons to plan impactful language scaffolds and integrated language development.
  • Deepen your differentiation using formative data and the flip-to resources in EL Excellence Every Day.
Available as a full-day onsite workshop or three-part virtual series (3 x 90 minutes).

Accelerating ML Excellence in Mathematics

This collaborative, professional development series equips math teachers and coaches with an asset-oriented approach to teaching for linguistic equity in mathematics. Join us to learn effective ways to engage MLs actively in intellectually rich mathematical reasoning and help all students—especially those classified as English learners (ELs)—thrive within the linguistic complexities of mathematics. Learn scaffolding strategies to help students leverage their assets and engage in meaning making, productive struggle, and joyful learning in K-12 math lessons.

Available as a full-day onsite workshop or three-part virtual series (3 x 90 minutes).

Silos to Synergy:  A Call to Co-Lead for Collective Efficacy for MLs and All Students

Professional learning that shifts teacher practice should be sustained, collaborative, and connected to teaching—but it can be hard to find the time and the focus to do this. The challenge intensifies when we attempt to lead teaching transformations for equity from a single role or department. In this interactive session, get ready to envision, reflect on, and prioritize opportunities to move from silos to collective leadership and bring impactful professional learning from the margins to the core.

Ideal participants: All administrators, coaches and specialists involved in designing, leading, or supporting instructional change initiatives in your district.

Available as a collaborative keynote (90 minutes), full-day workshop or two-part series (2 x 120 minutes).
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