Leading Teacher Inquiry for Equity

Build collective efficacy among ALL teachers for Multilingual Language Learners.

This institute empowers change-leaders (administrators, teacher leaders, teachers and teams!) with . . .

  • Tools to lead asset-oriented teacher inquiry to improve equitable learning in culturally and linguistically-rich schools.
  • Deep protocols to build trust for courageous, continuous professional learning.
  • Nimble facilitation moves to deepen collaboration so it changes mindsets and practice.
  • Protocols to lead peer observation inquiry, and asset-oriented student work analysis.
  • A shared sense of urgency and path to to lead collective change!

“This is the best thing to happen to our PD over the course of my career. Observation Inquiry has created a deeper level of trust and respect among our teachers. They are more willing to take risks in front of each other and seek advice from one another.”

Lisa Abeloe, TOSA, Ocean View School District, Oxnard, CA

Continuous – Connected – Collaborative – Courageous

The beauty of this sort of professional development is that it is incredibly applicable and practical.  Our ideas go right into action in the classroom.

Brigitta Hunter

4th Grade Teacher, Mark West Union School District

There is already a shift in how teachers are using their planning time together. There is less of a focus on just planning–and more on reflecting on student learning and refining instruction to meet their needs.

Maureen Rudder

Principal, Petaluma City Schools

 Help Your Teams Thrive: