Ways to Differentiate Teaching for ELs

“How can you best differentiate teaching for ELs who are in “mainstream” classrooms?

Larry Ferlazzo asked EL experts to write on this essential question. I’m honored to be among colleagues Carol M Tomlinson, Valentina GonzalezJenny Vo and Nelida Rubio featured in Larry’s Education Week blog on differentiation for ELs.

Post your ideas below, or engage via Twitter @TonyaWardSinger. 

Reflection Questions

How do you differentiate teaching for ELs in high-level content classrooms?

How do you prepare teachers to effectively differentiate for excellence and equity every day?

I am a keynote speaker, author and educational leader helping educators teach and lead for equitable schools. My books include EL Excellence Every Day, Breaking Down the Wall & Opening Doors to Equity. I'm a descendant of colonizers and enslavers deeply committed to transforming my family legacy for healing.

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