What Conversations Can Capture

When educators talk about formative assessment, student conversations are often left out of the conversation. This needs to change.

Read What Conversations Can Capture, a new article in Education Leadership magazine that I co-authored with Jeff Zwiers, a senior researcher at Stanford University. We assert that conversations provide essential formative data, and offer our readers practical tips for analyzing conversations to inform teaching.

In a world that values collaboration, creativity, and communication skills, it’s time to look beyond easy-to-measure tasks to drive instruction. Rather than asking kids to be quiet for testing, fire up rich academic conversations about the texts and concepts that matter most in your classroom–and listen to learn.

Enjoy our free online article, and share the link with your local colleagues and professional learning networks online.  Be the change!

I lead professional learning and design curriculum to realize the vision that every kindergartener who enters public schools will graduate high-school prepared to thrive in a changing world.

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